Shock Pulse Generator



The Shock Pulse Generator (SPG), Developed and manufactured by Swiss company Explosion Power GmbH, is an online boiler cleaning equipment automatically generating Shock Pulses (SP) by pressurized gas combustion. The innovative technology has proven its outstanding performance at worldwide more than 600 different installations in 20+ countries since 2009. Plant operators confirmed significant prolongation of boiler operating periods and increased efficiency, thus contributing to a sustrainable and economic plant operation. Leading plant suppliers decided to apply SPG-Technology to new build plans, additionally profiting from the sophisticated system design and compact geometry.

System overview


Boiler cleaning by means of Shock Pulse Generators means:

Permanent and automated boiler cleaning, thus lower exhaust temperature and higher boiler efficiency, improved CO2 plant performance

  • No steam consumption, no thermal abrasion or damaging of boiler tubes
  • Higher plant availability by longer boiler traveling period, less cleaning needs during maintenance stops
  • Reduction of heat transfer surface area for same steam capacity
  • Saving of boiler house volume by reduced space requirement
  • Investment cost saving by reduced number of cleaning devices
  • High degree of operational safety – boiler remains closed during operation
  • Quick and easy installation by modular and compact type series
  • High industrial standard (CE-certification based on Pressure Equipment Directive, clearly defined ATEX zones, PLC system monitoring, PROFIBUS/MODBUS compatible)

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