High Temperature Camera

CESYCO specializes in industrial endoscopy and suggests a complete range of high temperature endoscopes for control process and maintenance. Vannetto advises you from the right beginning of your project up to the setting up of the most suitable endoscopic solutions.

Vannetto also proposes endoscopic services on site, using Cesyco’s highest quality equipment.

Fields of activities

The high temperature endoscopes are used in the following industrial fields : Power, Steel, glass, Chemistry, Cement, incineration … 

Camera Product range

Endoscopes HTO are equipped with an optical system for images transmission which is aimed to provide a high definition images quality. The endoscopes HTO are made to withstand temperatures up to 2 000C.

Videoscope HTV videoscopes HTV CESYCO are equipped with an integrated video set. The videoscopes HTV are designed to withstand temperatures up to 2 000°C. For the furnaces where the light is particularly low, somes endoscopes can be equipped with a leds lighting system.

Stationary Or Portable?

Endscopes can be installed stationary and operate 24/7 in temperatures up to 2 000C. This footage can be viewed “live” on-site and in the Control Room. However, both camera’s are also offered in portable version for easy multifunctional inspections.


  • On-Load total boiler analysis.
  • Pre-Shutdown inspections
  • Tube leak inspections
  • Safety inspections